Southern Water Annual Report and Financial Statements 2022–23

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Engagement with

What matters to our stakeholders

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Customers and communities

We constantly seek feedback on what our customers think about our services – both domestic and wholesale – so we can be sure that we are addressing the issues that matter to them. Our aim is to provide a seamless service that they value. We want to work with our customers and communities so we can meet their short and longterm expectations and collaborate on solutions that benefit them.

Three material issues:

  • Public health and compliance (environmental stewardship)
  • Customer service and support
  • Local economic impact
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Central to our purpose is the need to protect and improve our natural environment. We depend on it and so it is vital that we work collaboratively with our environmental regulators, non-governmental organisations, campaigners and local communities to find quick solutions to environmental issues, such as climate change, pollution and land management.

Three material issues:

  • Water resources and leakage
  • Sewer flooding and storm overflows
  • Climate change
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Our people and partners

Our people are Southern Water, whether colleagues or partners, and we simply could not deliver our services without them. Most of them live in the South East and are also our customers, so we celebrate their diverse range of views and experience and use it to inform our decision making.

Three material issues:

  • Health, safety, security and wellbeing
  • Trust, transparency and legitimacy
  • Local economy
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Through engagement with our economic, quality and environmental regulators, we agree commitments over specified time periods alongside requirements they have of us in terms of our plans and performance. In some cases, there are financial rewards and penalties attached to these commitments. We seek to influence policy and regulatory frameworks when we can to make sure they support us delivering the best outcomes for our customers and the environment.

Three material issues:

  • Business performance
  • Financial resilience and risk management
  • Political and public opinion
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It is important that our investors have confidence in the company and how it is managed, so we provide regular updates on our performance and progress. This also includes environmental, social and governance (ESG) updates alongside financial and performance data.

Three material issues:

  • Business performance
  • Financial resilience and risk management
  • Corporate governance and ESG-related matters

How we have engaged throughout the year